InPhO Topic Explorer

This interactive visualization displays information from the LDA topic models generated using the InPhO VSM module. Live demos trained on the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, a selection of books from the HathiTrust Digital Library, and the original LDA training set of Associated Press articles are available below for several different numbers of topics.

See Wikipedia: Latent Dirichlet Allocation for more on the LDA topic modeling approach or "Probabilistic Topic Models" (Blei, 2012) for a recent review.

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HTRC-1315 Demo

The HTRC-1315 collection comprises 1,315 full text volumes retrieved from HathiTrust Research Collection in 2013 with a search for the terms "anthropomorphism", "comparative psychology", and "Darwin". This corpus is meant to show how topic modeling can be used to improve corpus curation and is guided by real-world research practice for the history of comparative psychology. Use the search box to select a volume or click the button to populate the box with a random volume.

SEP Demo

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP) is the leading digital philosophy authority with over 1.2 million weekly article downloads of the more than 1,200 articles written by 1,600 authors and editors. It provides a comprehensive view of philosophy, and is ripe for topic exploration at a variety of levels. Clicking the button will populate the box with a random SEP article.

AP Demo

This corpus of 2,246 Associated Press articles is the original sample dataset for LDA, released by Blei (2003). It consists of short news stories from 1988-1990. Clicking the button will populate the box with a random AP article.